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Create Virtual Appointment Sessions

Just released! Watch the introductory video: Read this guide for more information

Track Appointment Reschedules

Starting today, Accudemia is tracking appointment reschedules. Every time the date or time of an appointment is modified, Accudemia saves the information of the person who made the change and when they did it. Changes in other fields are not considered as a re-schedule. If an administrator decides to update the comments or re-assign it to a different tutor, for example, it will not be considered a reschedule. Reschedule Tracking When an appointment is rescheduled, it will have an icon like this one: Clicking on the name of the student will open the window in the right with the details of the reschedule: If the appointment was re-scheduled more than once, the information of each time it was re-scheduled will be shown in multiple lines. Filters In addition to that information above, we have added filters to show only appointments that have been rescheduled in the "View All Appointments" screen and the "Appointment - No Shows" report. In the View All