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Advisor? Counselor? Tutor? Pick what suits you best.

As part of our Accudemia upgrade plan, we are introducing new changes we believe you will enjoy. Accudemia is designed to work in multiple centers and each center has its own preferences and its own way to work. That has been possible since the very beginning, with the exception of choosing what terminology it should use. Starting today, each center can pick what terminology to use for its staff members. Running a Tutoring Center? An Advising Center? Now it's possible to decide exactly what word it should use depending on the context. Accudemia supports changing the terminology for Tutor (and its derivates Tutors and Tutoring) at a global level and also per center. The global term is used when a center context is not available, such as when listing all users under User Accounts. All these new configurations can be found in the Control Panel, under the Terminology section. Recommendation: Our recommendation is to set the global term to be Staff Member and then use Tutor, Adviso

Include instructions in your login page

We have released a new version for Accudemia that included a really useful feature, but few have noticed it. It's now possible to include some Login Instructions or actually any text you want in the Accudemia's login screen. To do so, go to the Control Panel > Appearance and Themes to update the login instructions. The instructions will be added to the left of the login box. Just save the changes after you have entered and enjoy.

1-click sign-in for staff members now available

Productivity is essential when a center is busy and there's a long line of students waiting. Hopefully that's not your case, but in any case if we can save tutors, advisors or counselors a few seconds of their time, we have made their job easier and more valuable. Starting today, we're rolling out an update that lets staff members sign-in and sign-out with only one click (OK, maybe two). On the top-right part of the screen, staff members will see a button indicating whether they are signed-in or not. Clicking there will show a small popup to let them sign-in or sign-out, without having to leave the screen they are currently on. When signed-out: When signed-in: If you are an administrator and don't think this is useful or want to disable it for any reason, you can do so in the Control Panel . Click on " User Accounts " and uncheck the option " Tutors can sign them in and out from any screen ". Leave your comments below if you find this feature