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Assign all subject areas to a center without importing files!

We’ve introduced a new option in the centers editing screen to make all subject areas available in the corresponding center. Before this you would have to import a file containing all subject areas and the corresponding center in order to make this association. Also with this new option new subject areas are automatically associated with the center. This option can also be imported via ADX! Take a look at this new option in the image below…

Make a subject area available to all students and/or in all centers without importing files!

If you go to edit a Subject Area you’ll see that you have now two new options: “Available to all Students” and “Available in All centers”. The first option is very handy in the situation where you are using enrollment but you have a subject area that should be available to all students. Before this option, you would have to upload an import file with all the students and the corresponding subject area, but now you just check this option in and that’s it! The second option will help you associate a subject area to all the centers in your system. Again, before this option an import file was needed in order to save this relationship. You can also set this options via ADX when you import courses! You can see these options in the image below…

Schedule your exports from Accudemia

With the latest release of Accudemia you can now export your data by using ADX ( A ccudemia D ata e X change). As every job in ADX can be scheduled that means that you are also able to schedule your export jobs! To do so, in ADX click on “New Export Job” (make sure you’re running the latest version of the application).   A popup will appear like shown in the image below…   Click Next… Here you’ll have to select what you want to export (we keep adding exports regularly) and the destination file (where you want to save the exported data). In the image below you can see what you can export at the moment… Click Next and Finish and your job will be saved. You can now schedule your brand new job or run it just as any other import job. Happy exporting!