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Showing posts from August, 2015

Email clients integration in Accudemia

Today we released a new version of Accudemia including better integration with Outlook and email clients.  Before this release, the appointment confirmations & cancelations were displayed as plain-text in the email client. Starting today you will receive the notifications with an option to add the event to the calendar. For example, if you using Gmail, you will see this: Microsoft Outlook users will see it like this: OK. The data isn’t real, but both the student and the tutor will receive the notifications like this.  It’s also supported by the latest version of Mozilla Thunderbird and iPhones. Appointment updates and cancelations are emailed the same way. Because it's compatible with most email clients, there's no option to enable/disable Outlook integration.  It’s already enabled for everyone using Accudemia. Enjoy!

Share student information with the professors

Did you know that you can ask the student if they want to share their visit with the professor? It’s very simple, just go to the Control Panel > General and you will see an option that says  “Ask student whether to report visit to professor”.  It’s unchecked by default, but if you enable it, students will be asked like this: Then, in the Administration site you can filter the logs to show only those who selected “Yes”. It can be done in either the Session Comments report or in the Session Logs screen, you decide. Tip: if you use the Session Comments report to get the comments, you can even share the results with one click!  Easy to use and share! Enjoy!

Add notes to students waiting in the line

We have been publishing some small changes in Accudemia to make it more easy to use and friendly. If you use the Waiting Lines, you probably have noticed that you can add Session Log Comments for the students waiting in the line. Just double click on the student waiting and you will the option to save comments: Then, when you sign-in the student, those comments will be saved in the Session Log that is created.  If the student is removed from the line, for example, the comments are discarded and not saved. You can always view those comments in the Comments reports available in Accudemia, or go to the Session Logs screen to view and/or change the past comments. Hope you like it!