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Easily deactivate students not in the roll

This is definitely a great week for Accudemia, it’s the 3rd update we publish!This time is to make administrators’ lives easier.  If it’s either for security or licensing purposes, administrators have to deactivate students that are not longer in the roll.  If you have a list of active students, now you can check this small option in ADX (our import tool) that will inactivate any student that is not in that list.  The option is says “Inactivate students not being imported” and is disabled by default.So, for example, if you have 4 students: A, B, C and D, and the file you’re uploading only have A, C and D; then B will become inactive.Please note that the students you are uploading will not get activated unless you specify it.  To make the students you upload active, you still need to add an “Active” column in your CSV file with the value “Yes” or “1” in each row.  Here you have an example of how to do so - just replace No by Yes of course :-).

Dual ID Support Added

Hey Folks, we have another new feature here in Accudemia!  In case you haven’t read it, yesterday we have published new features for appointments.  It is possible to schedule recurring appointments for example, or assign a random tutor to each appointment.  Check the details here if you haven’t yet.Today, we also have added the possibility to have 2 IDs per student.  That way, if a student has ID 123-45-6789, but her card has another number, such as ==SMITHJ123456789/= or whatever, you can let students either swipe their card or type in their student ID number.To do so, you must first enable the “Alternate ID support” in the Control Panel.  You can find that option under the User Accounts section. Once you have done that, go edit a user and you will see a new field under the User ID that was already there.This will also disable the ID mask in the sign-in station.  However, if you type an ID without the masking chars (eg., 123456789), it will still find the user with ID 123-45-6789.For…

New Appointment Features

Accudemia let users schedule recurring appointments now. To do so, please go to Center Attendance->Appointments->Wizard and follow the steps. Following the steps you’ll get the next screen:

In this screen you can select all the reservations you want by clicking over the green (available) slots or you can click on “Add Recurring”. If you do the latter you’ll get the next screen where you’ll define the recurrence options.

After you click “OK” all the reservations that match with the criteria will be selected. An example of this is shown in the next image:

Click “Next” to save your reservations and make the corresponding appointments.
Hide tutors’ names to students when they make appointments:
To do this, please go to Administration->Control Panel->Tracking Settings->Appointments->Select the college as the scope, and check the “Hide tutors’ names from students when they make appointments” option under “Tutors load balancing”. Don’t forget to save your changes.

Hide stud…