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Happy New Semester: Copying tutor assignments

Happy New Semester

Most of you will need to copy semester information to start the new year.

Here's a quick guide on how to copy Tutor Assignments from one semester to another:

There are 2 ways to do that:

1) To copy only a couple of tutors:
   - Go to User Accounts -> Tutors
   - Select the user you want (or click on "MultiSelect" to select more than one tutor)
   - Click on Assignments
   - Click on "Copy assignments from another term"
   - Select source and destination terms and click Accept.

2) To copy several tutors at once:
   - Go to Advanced -> Export
   - Click on "Tutor Assignments" to export all the tutor assignments.
   - Delete the columns "Tutor Name" and "Subject Area Code"
   - Sort the data by "Semester" and remove the records from old semesters (only keep the data from the semester you want to copy from)
   - Change the semester column to the new semester. For example, rename all Fall 2013 with Winter 2014.
   - Re-import that data using ADX.  You will need to map the fields "Semester's Name", "Tutor ID" and "Subject Area's Name"

If you need help on setting up a new semester, just write a comment below and I'll write an entry about it :)


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