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New Classroom Attendance Software - It's Free!

We are delighted to announce the release of a new product for classroom attendance.  If you are an instructor or work in education, then there are a couple of things that will make you smile:
  1. It's for calling roll in a classroom using an automated attendance system.
  2. Optionally, you can give students magnetic cards, RFID tags, QR code badges, etc. and stop worrying about wasting 15 minutes every class.
  3. There's a free app for iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad that will be available next month.  You can use that for recording the attendance.
  4. It's hosted by us - online. All you need is a web-browser.
  5. It's really simple to use, just load your data and start using it!
  6. It's free. OK, breathe. Yes; it's free.
Check it out:

PS: Email us or comment here if you want us to show you how to use it.


  1. It's not free! Unless you have tiny numbers of students.


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