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Did you know? You can create groups from filtered reports

On reports: when you create and filter a report it "automatically" creates a User Group. After creating a report that you need, where you have filtered all of the students with " MATH "(Subject Areas), selected only the " Freshman "(Student Demographic) who have visited the center for " Tutoring "(Service Type) more than 3 times on a Visitor History report you decide you want to save that group and call them " Freshman needing Math Help ." You can do this after you run that report by visiting the User Accounts > Groups section on the left-side navigation panel. Once there simply click on the Report Generated Groups tab, then click on the report you just ran, and click edit .  At this point you can name the group and hit save changes and the group will now be available for you to use as a group filter in future reports.

Accudemia Webinar – New Semester Setup/Imports

I have posted the video for review at our documentation site: Click on “Previous Accudemia Webinars” at the bottom of this page or watch directly to YouTube here: Accudemia Webinar – New Semester Setup/Imports New Semester Setup/Imports – February 5th, 1PM EST The webinar focused on New Semester Setup/Imports in Accudemia. It covered the following: End of Semester Cleanup Export Data (optional) Create a New Semester Set Semester Off-times ADX - Importing new Students, Classes, & Registration. The elusive All-in-one CSV File Import Setting Tutor Schedules Scheduling Appointments Setting up a Profile Questionnaire Importing Profile Questions Below is a link to take our poll that helps us determine what topics Accudemia Users want to see in the next webinar. It just takes a minute to complete the poll or post new webinar ideas on the blog. Go to If you would like the files us