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Google Calendar + Accudemia

Did you know you can link your college Google calendar to Accudemia by pasting the Google code into Accudemia?   There are two ways to do this. You can also watch a webinar that explains the process at   (Power User Features) First go to Google and select Google calendar, click on the little gear in up right corner,   settings,   calendar(s),   and then click on the link that is the name of your calendar. Then copy the calendar ID for the calendar. (Usually this is an email) Go sign into Accudemia and go to control panel.   Click on announcements and select the top default option (college level).   Past your Google calendar ID into little box labeled Shared Google calendar ID.   Save. Now go to your home page and click at the top on add content and select shared Google calendar. You should now see your calendar on the home page. Now my calendar shows under web content. Just go to Google calendar, click on the little

Accudemia Webinar – Power User Features

Thank you for attending! If you or a colleague was not able to attend, I have posted the video for review at our documentation site: Click on “Previous Accudemia Webinars” at the bottom of this page or watch directly to YouTube here: Accudemia Webinar – Power User Features Power User Features Agenda - December, 12th 1PM EST The webinar covered the following topics. Customizing the Institutions Homepage Customizing your My Homepage Using Google Shared Calendar Integrating iAccu with Accudemia Integrating AccuWB with Accudemia Power User Reporting options – Report Generated Groups, Format Options, Exports Utilizing the SMS texting feature Customize the Sign-in Process – Intake System, Fixed Sign-in Station, New Guest Sign-in Using the Grids Wisely Creating Custom e-mail templates Custom coding for developers – Automating Banner Imports, Custom Login Homepage Below is a link to take our poll that helps us de

Guest Sign-On Now Available

Accudemia now support guest sign-on, which allow non-registered students to sign-in to your center. It’s very useful for head counting purposes since you can then report only on those guests students. Because they are guests, they do not have to sign-out when leaving, that makes it even easier to use. You can enable this features in the Control Panel, under Walk-Ins. Just check the option “Allow Guest Sign-Ins” and enter the ID of the user you want to use internally for guests. That will help you on reporting. Also, as you might have noticed in the screenshot, the interface was slightly improved as our users requested in our feedback page . Now the selection boxes are bigger and the confirmation box is displayed for a longer time: Enjoy it!

AccuTrack Chosen by the Users

We are glad to announce that users around the globe have chosen AccuTrack as one of the Top Products for academies, in the University Business' 1st Annual Readers' Choice Awards. Here's their description of AccuTrack: Designed for managing academic centers, AccuTrack software’s benefits include tracking attendance, managing appointments, keeping notes on sessions, tracking loaned media, analyzing traffic, communicating with students and staff, checking who is in, and conducting surveys. Versatility allows for use in various centers, including tutoring centers, advising centers, writing labs, computer labs, financial aid offices, testing centers, gyms, student support services, and learning centers. AccuTrack offers various licensing options, from a single center installation to unlimited installations at all campuses. “AccuTrack is our only tracking system for tutors and students at the college’s Academic Support Center and I can’t imagine li