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Accudemia Webinar–Getting Started! 10-04-2012

Thank you! If you were able to attend.  We had a record number of attendees for our Accudemia Webinar.  If you were unable to attend I have posted the video for review at our documentation site: Just click on the video in the left column and expand it so you can view it full screen. Or watch directly to YouTube here: Accudemia Webinar - Getting Started! This webinar focused on new users setting up their college Accudemia website. Hopefully it will help you get familiar with the system and have an idea of how to get things started with Accudemia. We covered the following topics: Setting up Accudemia for your Center Control Panel Settings Setting up your Sign-In Computers Importing College Data Generating Reports I also wanted to include a link to the PowerPoint that some people requested. Getting Started! Webinar PowerPoint Slides Look for more Accudemia webinars to come. I have the results from our poll I took d