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Whiteboard: Online tutoring made easy

We are glad to announce that Accudemia has integrated with our Whiteboard. It’s a great tool for online meetings, give online tutoring and help students remotely.

In this case, a picture is worth a thousand words:


The main features are:

  1. Create unlimited rooms, with unlimited participants.
  2. Chat with others via audio (microphone and speakers required).
  3. Chat with others via text.
  4. Optionally use video chat (offered by an additional fee).
  5. Upload and share Power Point files among all the participants.
  6. Upload and share Word, PDF files or images.
  7. Preserves the room between visits.
  8. Save transcript of text chat.
  9. Create math equations using the built-in equation editor.
  10. Free draw with pencil tool.
  11. And much more!

A free demo is available. Contact us if you want to try it!


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