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How-to: Scheduling Appointments

Accudemia has always offered different ways to create an appointment. Each method is intended for users trying to find appointments using different criterias. For example, if you want to list all tutors available for a certain course you might want to use the New Appointment method. The Wizard lets you find the perfect appointment for you in a simple 5 step procedure instead, where you are prompted to select the dates, services, the course and tutor you want. The 3rd way is using the Manual method, which is enabled only to administrators and it allows them to select exactly what they want and bypass several validations the system might enforce using the Wizard or the New Appointment methods.

Here’s a quick description on how to use each one of these features.

New Appointment

You can find it under Center Attendance > Appointments > New Appointment.

The page displays a filter with the next options:

New App 1

Use From/To filters to view only availability in that period of time. The center can be used to filter the place where the appointment is going to be scheduled, might be useful if you don’t want to travel to a center far away from you. The tutor and subject area also let you filter the results based on your preferences.

After you select the options click on “Search” to display the tutor schedules.

New App 3

Then Select the time slots and complete with the rest of the appointment's as prompted in the popup, as shown below:

New App 2

Finally, click on “Accept” to schedule your appointment and you’re done!.



You can find it under Center Attendance > Appointments > Wizard.

If you are an administrator, you will be first prompted to select the students to create a group appointment. You can select up to 5 students.

Next, select the day of the appointment, click next to select the subject area. Then select the service or services. Click over next to display the available tutors. Select the tutor or tutors, click over next the page will display the tutor's schedule. You will find these steps very easy to follow, you just need to select the option you want and click “Next” on the toolbar. If in any step you don’t find what you want you should contact the center administrator for help.

Wizard Appt 5

Now, select the time and the duration of the appointment you want. If you want to change a default value you can click the “reservation” and change the time or duration to the one you want. Click next to validate the appointments.

Wizard Appt 6

That last step will show a description of the appointments you are trying to schedule. You might find that some of them are valid and some of them are not. You can go back and select another date or just click Finish to schedule the the valid appointments. Please take into account that the invalid appointment will never be scheduled so you might want to pick another time or tutor.

Manual Appointment

If you are an administrator, you can find it under Center Attendance > Appointments > Manual.

This method is pretty straightforward, you just select all the details you want (student, tutor, center, subject area, services and dates) and click on Schedule Appointment. You can also add comments if you want to.

Manual appointment

After selecting the options click on “Schedule Appointment” and wait while Accudemia validates the reservations.

If the entered data is valid, it will tell you that the appointment has passed all the validations. To schedule the appointment you have to click on “Save changes”.

Manual appointment 2

It might also happen that Accudemia finds that the selection is not valid, maybe because there are some restrictions on the student or the tutor, or because the tutor is not available or any other reason. Either way, you will only be warned. You can still click on “continue anyway” to accept the warning and schedule the appointment no matter what.

Manual appointment 2 c

To sum up…

As you might have seen, it’s not one option or the other. Each way to create appointments has advantages and disadvantages. You might want to use the Wizard if you want to schedule several appointments at once. The New Appointment is faster however since it’s only one quick step. Finally the manual option lets you enter the data and bypass some validations, it might be helpful if you are sure about what you’re doing and Accudemia can’t find an open slot using the other methods.


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