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How-to: Scheduling Appointments

Accudemia has always offered different ways to create an appointment. Each method is intended for users trying to find appointments using different criterias. For example, if you want to list all tutors available for a certain course you might want to use the New Appointment method. The Wizard lets you find the perfect appointment for you in a simple 5 step procedure instead, where you are prompted to select the dates, services, the course and tutor you want. The 3rd way is using the Manual method, which is enabled only to administrators and it allows them to select exactly what they want and bypass several validations the system might enforce using the Wizard or the New Appointment methods. Here’s a quick description on how to use each one of these features. New Appointment You can find it under Center Attendance > Appointments > New Appointment. The page displays a filter with the next options: Use From/To filters to view only availability in that period of time. The

What’s new in appointments?

One of the oldest and most used features is what we call the Appointments Wizard. Now we have completely redesigned it to make it faster, simpler and more powerful. Some of the new enhancements include: - Group Appointments: As an administrator, you can select many students and create appointments for all of them together at the same time. You don’t need to do anything to enable this feature, just access the appointment wizard and multiple students can be selected without further work. - Search Many Tutors: One common issue is, students don’t know all the tutors schedules, so which one should the pick? Well, in Accudemia 4.5 users can select many tutors and search across all their schedules for an open slot. It’s still clear which tutor you’re viewing, so students still can decide which tutor they prefer. - Plan Ahead: In the last step of the wizard, now it’s possible to select multiple dates and even tutors to create multiple appointments. Once the options have been chosen, jus

Get alerts in your phone!

We have switched to a new text messaging service to allow users receive alerts in their cellphones. It has an incredible lower texting rate of the one we had been using previously. This makes it affordable to use SMS (text messages) for appointment reminders and confirmations.  Also you can text students and staff directly from Accudemia. New and existent customers can get complimentary 500 text messages for free upon request. After those 500 messages, it’s only 2 cents per message ! To get your 500 free messages, please can contact us here (account admins only).