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Google Shared Calendar Now Available!

Some of you have been requesting this feature. Accudemia now allows users to view the college shared calendar right on their home page! In order to add the gadget, users just need to click on Add Content and select the Google Shared Calendar: And then, the shared calendar will magically appear:   For administrators, how do I set it up? The first thing you have to do is enable calendar sharing on your Google Account, and get the calendar ID of the calendar you want. You can do it by seeing the calendar settings: Then, copy your Calendar ID and paste it on Accudemia: Control Panel – Announcements – Google Shared Calendar ID. And that’s all! Comment on this post if you need further help on getting your shared calendar ID.

Accudemia Integration: We all working together

Since today, it’s possible to integrate your site and Accudemia. That means that users won’t need to login twice anymore; once they are on your site, it’s possible to access attendance, appointments, reports and a lot more things with just one click! If you are developer, IT expert or at least you know one, you should check out the Accudemia’s developer resource center. Just click on Advanced – Developers on the menu if you’re a system administrator and you will see documentation, quick start guides for both Accudemia and ADX (our import tool), examples, and much more. You can now have single sign-on across all your institution, including Accudemia. A good point to start is this guide: You have working examples for ASP.NET and PHP site, and others are coming!

Welcome Developers!

We have created a page in Google Code to include the examples and the documentation of how to extend and customize Accudemia Data Exchange and Accudemia. If you are interested into performing complex task with ADX and Accudemia, just send this link to your IT team. On the other hand, if you are a developer and you have received that link, I’m sorry but you have work to do ;-). It contains the libraries, the examples and the documentation required to extend ADX and Accudemia. You can use plug-ins for example to pull data directly to Accudemia from your own database or management software. Accudemia Developer’s Page: