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Scheduling x 2

I know it’s not yet available in Accudemia (as of October 8th 2010), but it’s going to be published really soon and I’m a little bit eager to make the announcement!. This time a member of the development team did an excellent job updating the Tutor Schedule editor. I’m not going to publish images at this moment because you have to get a better feeling of the new scheduler. So, stay tuned until next week for the upcoming release of Accudemia, it’s going to save you a lot of time for sure. Tell us what you think!

6 new features for the system admin guy.

Our development team have added many new features in ADX (our import tool). Most of them have been requested by users in the past. Honestly some of them have been published the last week, others are completely new. So, here’s an image-driven presentation of the news: 1) Scheduled Import Here you have all the options available by the Windows Task Scheduler: And a powerful set of options to customize when the information is imported: Once it’s everything set, you have the details on the job details tab: (it has 24hs time format due to my PC configurations) 2) Email Notifications when the job fails/success It’s an essential part of scheduled import. As files are uploaded automatically, system administrators must be notified when the information goes out of sync. And there you can select the email addresses to receive the notifications: 3) Instant Get Support Button Now, let’s say the jobs fails… it’s possible even under normal conditions (not sof