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Moving to version 4. Ready?

Yes, that’s true! Accudemia 4 was released yesterday and it includes many big changes. First of all, it now includes a whole new product inside: AREAS, which is short form of “Accudemia Referrals & Early Alert System”. It helps college staff to identify at-risk students early, and help them before it is too late. I’ll write more about it later, search for posts tagged AREAS . Secondly, the import tool was redesigned from the scratch to make it easier to use and awesomely faster than before! The good thing is that it’s also simpler for us, and we will be adding many new features in the next week. To get started, read the full explanation on how to install it: New import tools has been published! Also, there’re many small changes and improvements to the existent things. Read the full list on What's New in Accudemia 4.0?